Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am still here

hey everyone I am still here and kicking. I got a little side tracked on the blogging. Sometimes its hard because I don't have much to say. Its pretty much just every day living anymore. 

So how is everyone out there!!??? I am still going I have lost about 115 pounds now its pretty slow moving these days but I am still just keeping on. 

I have some recepies i will share with you guys in some other post. I am going to try to get some post in and get back to it! 

Update i can't remeber when i blogged last and I didn't look so in February I moved to San Antonio. I joined planet fitness in or around March and I love it. I mastered the elliptical and kicked its butt haha. took me a few weeks but i went from 2 minutes to 45 now! I am still eating the low carb low sugar. So this is just kind of a catch up post. I hope you all are doing well ……...

here I am now<---------- decided to cut off the hair for the summer I will try to get a better pic a full body but for now this is me! lol 

This is a comparison Dec 2012 till now I didn't start this WOE until May of 2013 but still pretty crazy transformation I think! ok well I will talk to you soon let me know how you all are 

Monday, December 30, 2013


Hey everyone hope you all had a great holiday! I haven't blogged but I have good resins! My life has been a little crazy lately. My Christmas was ok I guess. Actually I ha a really had time here is what has been happening. I took Sandra to the airport in San Antonio on Dec 17th. On my way home my vehicle made a loud noise and started smoking. Well guess what?! My oil pump stopped working! caused it to throw a rod which went straight thru my engine! Now here is the problem ….. none of my gauges on the dash work so to get a new engine put in I have to have a lot of electrical work done. No point in fixing it! to much money………

Sooooo I sent my daughter back to Odessa to spend Christmas with the family which left me here all alone. I worked Christmas eve and Christmas day from 3-11, made it a little more bearable. I had never spent Christmas alone. My son asked his girlfriend to marry him! of course I missed it. So needless to say I was really sad during holidays an guess what happened?? I ate pizza not just pizza but 3 cheese stuffed crust pizza and cupcakes the little chocolate ones with cream in the middle. You know it didn't really make me feel better it actually made me sick. stomach ache , pains, sleepy and just all around blah! I guess sometimes you just have one of those days its ok one day doesn't mess up everything.

So here is what is happening in my dilemma I bought a car. Not new nothing fancy but it will get me where I need to be! I know this is a short blog but I have been wanting to get back to blogging and just wanted to update you guys. I hope everyone is doing great and has had happy holidays! 

look at me all brave in stripes for christmas time!