Sunday, June 30, 2013


So far so good! Ok so my son got here at 2am and our flight leaves at 8 and we fly standby so have to check in an hour early. Airport is an hour away so guess what yup we stayed up all night. What a way to start vacation lol. Now I will be blogging when I can but I am not sure when I will get them posted but I will!!!! Oh and I know this pic below is silly but I was really excited that I could put my feet up on the dash. This was on the way to the airport!!!

So flight was good Thank goodness Sandra got to fly with me I got in the seat and sat and guess what the seat belt fit NO EXTENDER YES!!!! We flew from San Antonio to Arizona was a quickie. Got on the plane is Arizona got very back seats and we got to sit together with extra seat so I sat by the window! it was kind of a bumpy ride I guess because of the mountains here are a few pics I took from the plane!
waiting to get on the plane! 

From the Plane pretty cool looking!

Ok so made it to Vegas caught a Taxi from airport to hotel found all of our friends and hotel rooms!!! Then we walked and walked. My fit bit said 10 miles!!! Isn't that crazy! This is what happened Hung out walked around went to bubba gump and had a salad went back to room and took a nap. Haha was up all night remember soooo slept from 7 until midnight. Now when they say Vegas never sleeps its true got straightt up at midnight and went out exploring and the city was alive!!!

First night there I won some money haha

Saturday, June 29, 2013


READY, SET, GO....... Ok tomorrow is my day! I am going to Vegas. Sandra is here and she is getting to fly out with me. This helps I am still a little anxious about getting on the plane but I am ready! As I had blogged before I have actually been removed from a plane for being heavy this was not fun but as I am 42.8 pounds lighter I am hoping it will make a difference!

I found pants that fit and that won't rub blisters, I packed my shakes they are in my luggage, and tennis shoes in the bag too. I am a little nervous because I have been on my detox a while now and I don't want to mess up because I am going on a vacation so hopefully I can stay strong. Another issue my hotel room has no mini fridge AHHHH shakes but I will figure out what I need to do. I got this!

I probably won't get much sleep tonight because I am so excited. Also my son and his girlfriend are on the road headed here to watch my daughter. They are going to have a little fun too they are going to schlitterbahn. So for now I am just watching tv and going over everything making sure I didn't forget anything!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Ready!

Ok I may not get to much blogging done because it is a busy week. Gearing up for my trip to Vegas!! So excited I have never been. I have been hearing about the temperatures there and I am not real excited about that! lol Of course I do live in Texas so hopefully it isn't anything I can't handle!

I am trying to pick clothes that fit me to take. I have been having some problems in my pants area. Problem is they are getting to big so the crotch of the pants want to hang to far down then my legs rub and I am raw. I for sure don't want this happening in Vegas I think that would be really uncomfortable with all the walking I hear happens there. So digging out what I call my skinny pants. Hmmm hopefully they will become my fat pants!

Ok I will be blogging here and there talk to you guys son!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Monday.....

Why the Heck are Mondays Monday? lmao why is Monday so far away from Friday but Friday is so close to Monday hmmm there is a thought. So today was a lazy day for me I watched TV and did nothing. I did get in my mile walk this morning early. I am addicted to doing the walking videos. I think I do better with them because I keep my pace better


I hope the video will play its just one of the videos that I started with I love these videos. I am still hitting the wii too. It kinda just adds some extra activity to the day lol. I sometimes do the 2 mile walk or do the 1 mile a few times a day just kind of spread out. I have tried the 5 mile yet I am afraid that will  kill me haha. I am ready to step up some workout though I am just afraid of not being able to move the next day haha. Do any of you do the P90X or insanity? share with me some of your workouts!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Have I ever dieted this long!!

I got up and weighed this morning. Guess what I lost another 4 pounds! Yay another 4 pounds that is so exciting for me! This means a total of 30 pounds! I am fitting in some of what I call my skinny pants. hah I can't wait till I loose more! I will be really happy when my skinny pants are my fat pants!

So I didn't do to much today just hung out with my aunt again and tried to look for some xlg shirts. Xlg can you believe it!!! I have wore a 2x forever. This is really exciting. Here is a thought about getting down to xlg ok first we went to New Orleans last year and when we arrived at 11 at night we had no luggage. Now if you wear a 2 x shirt and pants its kinda hard to just run into walgreens and pick up some clothes. They usually go as large as 1x so that sucks Now if my luggage gets lost I can run in and at least buy a clean shirt. I had to just wait it out for my luggage. When you are big you can't actually just shop off any clothes rack. SO YAY XL lol

So I am pretty impressed with myself for sticking to a diet this long! I don't think I have ever stuck to something so long in my life especially a diet wow 41 days and counting! Those of you who are doing the detox congratulations and don't get discouraged. Some people have start overs, mess ups, stalls whatever keep going you will get there......

Saturday, June 22, 2013


So my habits are pretty routine I mean I do the same thing on the weekends that I do during the week. I don't eat, drink or sleep any different on the weekends! Today I hung out with my aunt! We went garage selling and well she found some things but I didn't really! We went driving around looking at the scenery all the different places people go to play in the river. Went to wal mart and then went to her house and grilled! Yummy steak, sausage and some grilled veggies! So good now my aunt and my daughter had some grilled potatoes also and I was ok with that didn't bother me at all! Who all thinks potatoes are the devil?? haha loaded with sugar, starch and carbs..... Then we watched a movie. Identity thief if you haven't watched it do so its so so funny. Melissa McCarthey is in it you know the girl from Mike & Molly. Do you guys think if she lost her weight she would get the roles in the movies that she has been in? I am not sure if you don't know who she is she was the heavy gross girl in bridesmaids, she is also in the new movie with Sandra Bullock. I love her I think she is hilarious! This is her....

I think she is beautiful
Not to exciting today so this is it! You guys enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Grocery List

This is a grocery list or hopefully a little help guide incase you don't know what to buy at the store. Now you can use this when you start or just when you go back and forth to add stuff. 

First off add up how many shakes you might need. for example if you get up at 6 and go to bed at 12 then you will need a shake to start every 2 hours so that is a total of  I would say 8 or 9 a day. Now if it were me I would have about 7 so I would start out having one at 6:30 another at 8:30 and so on every 2 hours. Now my 6:30 shake is when I wouldn't have a shake and have diner instead. I would continue to have a shake at 8:30 and then at 10:30 I might have a snack instead of shake like a couple of pieces of ham and a cheese stick or something like that. Ok so that explains how the day would go. Now on to the things to eat! Things to buy that you can eat.............. Now this list can be modified just remember to look at the label. If it has a * beside those are things that I started with and I buy repeatedly.

Start out with your shakes Atkins *********** Remember buy the Atkins Advantage not the day breaks( you can have these but they are higher carbs) Flavors that are my fave Chocolate delight, dark chocolate, strawberry and caramel delight. If you are a coffee drinker and need sweetener buy vanilla shakes and use them for creamer very very good! this can be your wake up shake! 

Meats you can buy remember there are probably others this is just what I get (read labels)
*Land O frost ham 1 carb 1 Sugar 
*HEB black forrest ham 1 carb 0 sugar 
snack pepperonis (on a palate with melted cheese or just eat them)
cubed ham (good for salads)
Little smokeys ( small sausages)
*canned chicken (green chicken casserole) recipe is in blog all about food
*smoked sausage( remember to read label not all are low sugar and carbs) eat plain or add sauerkraut
**Fully cooked hamburger patties (read label) one of my faves
Jennie O Turkey burgers jalapeño jack 0carbs 0 sugars 
* country cuisine sausage patties ( breakfast sausage)
** bag of frozen chicken breast ( easy pop in the oven, eat with ketchup or salad dressing or add cheese and hot sauce lots you can do with these)

Add caption

Just Remember To Always Read the Labels

Cheese Now I keep some cheese for snacky food and for salads and other things. All kinds of cheese they even have italian style string cheese its pretty good 
** String Cheese 1 carb 0 sugar ( I eat plain or wrap in a piece of ham)
** grated cheese 0 carbs 0 sugars 
** sliced cheese 
** crumbled feta cheese (really good for salads) 

* Lettuce, Heart of romain big lettuce, Mixed salads in the bag
* broccoli ( eat raw, dip in ranch, or put in a pan with some water and a little salt cover and steam)
* cauliflower ( the same as above)
** asparagus ( my fave I put in a pan add a little butter and sprinkle some garlic salt cover and cook for 20 min or until soft yumm
* celery
Remember these can be sides for your meals or have some with ranch for a snack

here are a few dressings or sauces ....
**Kens steak house Greek dressing ( good on salads, dip chicken in, or if you get a rotisserie chicken dip it)
***** Heinz reduced  sugar  ketchup1 carb 1 sugar ( if you eat out don't eat ketchup its sugary and carbs)
* Ranch 2 carbs 1 sugar ( if you eat out eat ranch or blue cheese dressing)
*sweet baby rays buffalo wing sauce (dip your chicken or whatever you want to do with it cook with a chicken breast)
******** Hot Sauce ( i use this with chicken breast and grated cheese, to dip pork rhines in, on egg beaters)

here are some extras I don't keep around all the time but sometimes....
Jello cups ( now with jello make sure you always check the label even if it says sugar free or no sugar added this is a trick) 
Ready whip heavy cream ( yummy on top of the jello make sure you check labels, strawberry jello with the whipped cream on top taste like strawberry shortcake)
** Egg beaters ( I do keep these at all times when you feel comfortable having a breakfast these are yummy or even want breakfast for diner just pour them and cook make omelets or whatever)

Always Always have pickles
**** Dill pickles ( spicy, spears, whole, stackers, chips whatever your fancy is) I snack on pickles all day here and there Yummy guilt free snack.
**** Sweet gherkins
*** bread and butters 
******* Pickled okra ( yummo great snack)
**banana peppers ( great on salads add some flavor)
**Jalapeños (good on salads with hot sauce for dressing, good on hamburger patties)
* if you like olives good deal ( greek olives are good they are the red looking ones, black olives are yummy)
* Cherry peppers ( i keep these and have 2 on my salad here and there )
I have an entire pickle shelf I ma getting kind of low and its ok if the checker at the grocery store looks at you like your crazy haha 
Remember this is not all you can have or what you have to eat this is just a list of things I enjoy myself. Remember to just look at your labels I usually dont go over 4 carbs or 4 sugars. Stay away from bread, pastas, sauces unless you read the label and remember to take in the serving size also!!! small amounts of fruits if you need to have them, they have natural sugars. Please if you have any questions just e mail me !!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A little this and a little that

I have had a few people asking about some of the Detox stuff. For example shopping list, or what exactly and how I eat so tomorrows blog will be a shopping list of some variety and different things to eat! This detox is pretty simple I mean the shakes are pre made you open and drink them so simple. If you don't like to cook you don't have to so easy anyone can do it!

I went bathing suite shopping. I felt good until I started shopping haha especially for a swim suite yikes. Guys if you can avoid this do so lol. I did find one finally at target I bought 2 new ones last year at target and had to buy a 24 in the top I needed it to be long enough at the bottom lol. Of course i wear shorts but still I needed everything covered. SO I bought a 20 this year which isn't to bad and I think its super cute. I don't know why they feel the need  to make plus size clothes always floral or they look like an 80 year old would wear them. ugh ......... here is my suite I bought....

I think tomorrow we will test out the olympic pool here! Its an actual city pool but there is never really anyone there I guess everyone swims in the river lol. Alrighty then you guys look for the shopping list if you guys are interested.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MINI GOAL= Accomplished

So when I started this I set myself a little mini goal. It was actually to weigh under a certain amount and even though I am still working on the courage to put my weight on here I will tell you that it was a total of 26 pounds I needed to lose. 26 pounds to be under this weight I didn't want to weigh! I was ok with what my scale said 2 days ago but I just couldn't help myself I had to step on it this morning. Now first let me say that I have hit a few stuck points that is what I call them. Stuck points when you step on the scale and it says the same thing for a couple of weeks. People don't give up if this happens it will move! I had to keep telling myself this to keep going!

Anyways on with this I woke up this morning and I couldn't stand it I had to step on the scale! Now I don't weigh every day but usually just once a week or sometimes twice a week but it was calling me and guess what people!!!! I hit my 26 pounds!!! I will say this I have not weighed under this huge number in about 10 years so this is a huge ordeal for me I was so excited!!!! I had to call Holly right away! She answered I told her and we cheered on the phone together! I am serious this is working for me! It's totally worth missing the pizza and whatever else. Now some of you might be saying 26 pounds isn't that much but to those of us that have weighed the same almost to the T for 10 years it is huge!!! I will now be working on my second mini goal and I am not sure if I just want to do 20pounds at a time or what yet but I will let y'all know! Set mini goals for yourselves that way you don't get discouraged with one big goal because the big goals will take a while. I mean you didn't just wake up and put on all the weight so it won't be just gone when you wake up. 

Ok  now with this being said I am going to keep on with my diet or detox! I feel I am already detoxed so we will call it the diet! Anyways I am going to try to step up some more exercise. Maybe this will help I am kinda hoping I can maybe lose the extra 4 pounds to hit 30 before I get on a plane for Vegas either way I am very happy with the results I am getting! I hope that pic underneath isn't to big but I wanted to make sure you all could read what it says!
Not sure if this helps but here are some tips I found when I googled!

This is for sure! 
Here is a pic for today I have these pjs that were my fave they area little stretched out but I didn't have problems keeping them on till today I thought I would wear them to clean nope didnt work out! I trashed them puppies!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

R you prepared!!!

I hope this is the right number haha! I am starting to lose count. Lets see I don't have much to talk about today! It's been pretty quiet around here. So I will talk about something that is pretty important to me when trying to lose weight. STRESS!

Yes stress I know a lot of people call themselves an emotional eater. This could be me! I know when I am having a bad day or stressing something I like to eat I guess haha. Actually I never really knew till now. Here are some things in the past couple of days that I have noticed.

OK my biggest stress is money surprise surprise! I think this is most peoples stress! lol So I kinda knew I was going to be in a little bind money wise because I took the trip for graduation. It takes quiet a bit of money to fill up the vehicles these days. I had planned on paying the cell bill with child support. Well the phones were due today and I still haven't received the child support payment yet. So I geared up for the stressful day when my phone was off not a big deal for mine but I hate when my son's is off because I like to talk to him everyday. I had my shakes ready, small snacks and went ahead and planned some diners. I know this sounds crazy but I didn't want to mess up because a small stressful thing. I am learning to always be prepared for something to try to knock me off! This is not me being negative at all just taking precautions. Right now I am working on figuring out how to take a few shakes with me when I travel to Vegas. This might not be able to happen I might just have to stay strong until I get to the wal mart there. You know the plane rules nothing over 4 oz and the shakes are 11oz. So another dilemma for me of course I am worried because of the stress of flying lol. I am sure I will figure something out though! NO pretzels haha! So guys try to prepare yourselves for anything that will knock you off your diet routines!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Look at these pics and tell me what ya think!

Hey guys! I am trying to keep these blogs a coming! So if there is anything you guys want to know e-mail me and maybe that will give me some ideas to blog about. Now lets see here.

What do you guys think? How many of you are trying the sugar detox! I have had a few of you tell me that you are but I was just wondering? Ya know I am feeling pretty good! I have energy, my body feels like it is on a routine, my exercise is making me feel stronger, my blood pressure is lower, my skin looks healthier, my clothes are fitting better, my t-shirts lay over my butt, haha all kinds of good feelings! These are all positives coming out of my sugar detox. How long do you guys think it takes to detox off of the sugar. I mean I been wondering I guess I am detoxed or you think it takes longer than a month?

I am going to share some pics with ya today cause I don't have much to say. If I haven't said this before excuse the backgrounds we are having some remodeling done!

 Ok in the comparison of day 16 and day 35 I am not sure if you can tell but my pants are looser in my thighs and waist I can actually pull them off without un buttoning them! There are the beginning pics to incase you forgot haha Same shirt same pants!

this was the beginning

This purple shirt and jeans remember ??

The left was 16 days in the right 35 days in

Ok now I hate this pose with my arms down but it is how the first pic was taken so wah lah
Before and then 35 days later can you tell the difference

Here is a pic of me and my son before and then on his graduation so this was about 26 days after I started the detox! Not sure if you can see the difference but I just really like the pic and wanted to share hahaha


after haha I have bigger dimples and better skin for sure 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Work Out!!!

Day number 34 WOW feels like it hasn't been that long that I was struggling with the first day of detox. I have found myself being pretty obsessed with reading labels, googling and having the no sugar foods. I believe you have to be. It kinda has to consume you. I don't even think about food anymore it's a little weird for me. I love it though! Food  used to consume me it becomes everything when you are a big eater! What am I going to eat, I am hungry, whats for diner, do we have any snacks, lets go to the store, I am craving ice cream or whatever it may be. Now I have none of this really. Sometimes I am like what do I want to eat for diner but that is about it. My cravings have stopped weird I thought the further I went the more I would crave Nope not the case at all. I am down about 23 pounds and an entire pants size. Feels so good!!!

Ok so I have the food part pretty much down. Well I don't eat all that much I mainly do shakes of course so this part should be easy. Now the workout! I was beginning to feel like I was cheating myself in the exercise department. I was just walking a mile and once I hit my mile I would stop I didn't really care how long it took me just as long as I got my mile in. So I decided to start doing leila sansone walking videos. I love them and I feel like I am getting a little more exercise in even if I just do her 1 mile walk. She throws in some movement during the walk. You know like side steps, kickbacks, high knees and some arm movements too. I enjoy it and I feel like I walk at a faster pace and have someone to keep me paced. There is a warm up, brisk walk and a stretch very good you guys should check it out.

Now this isn't really enough for me lol. Every night I also make sure my fitbit is reading over 2 miles. I am bad I don't wear mine all day just when I exercise. I know crazy I need to be wearing it more but anyways I make sure I do some kind of wii game. Yes that is right wii game!!! Just dance has a coupe and it is a lot of movement. Tonight I played black eyed peas dancing game, it was so much Fun and I am now getting where I can beat the 12 year old girls lol. We also did a couple of songs on zumba 2! definitely check this out if you don't have a wii check into it  because it makes exercise fun.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Too Fat To Fly???

Now that graduation is over I am gearing up for my first trip to Vegas! I have a couple of weeks to get some more poundage off! I am so excited to go but I am not really looking forward to flying. NO NO not because I am afraid to fly or anything like that. It is the fear of getting kicked off for being fat! Let me explain this .......

So I have a friend that works for an airline. So when we take trips we fly free but on stand by. Now when you fly standby you get to load the plane last usually. This means you take what ever seat is available.  Last August we went to New Orleans and took my 2 kiddos and her nephew it was a lot of fun and had no trouble getting on and off planes. Well in October we flew to Orlando. My flight was leaving really early in the morning so I am there and ready I get on the first plane which was headed to Houston and I sit in the front so that I can jump off and head to the next plane! Well my friend comes on the plane and tells me I have to catch the next flight at this point I have no clue what is going on. I had been casually chit chatting with the man next to me. So I get up get my things and get off the plane.Well come to find out the Bitchy flight attendant, who was of course like a freaking barbie doll, must have had a problem with bigger people because she made up some story about the man I had been talking to since I had been on the plane said I was making him uncomfortable. I was livid once she told me the reason I had to get off I sure didn't want to get on another plane. I mean I was in tears how embarrassing! Right? I finally sucked it up and got on another flight and made it to Orlando and had no other problems but you know now every time I enter a flight I wonder if I will get kicked off?

Flying is very stressful especially when you board last. I mean seriously the aisles are so narrow and why do they make those seats so small. Never fails that it is a middle seat open. WHY??? ugh then you have to ask for a belt extender because the seat belt is stuck under your butt. Once you get on and situated you have to ride uncomfortably the entire flight just trying to hold your arms off of someone next to you! Not Fun! So I want to go to Vegas and I am excited but just not about the flying part or should I say the will I fit part! oh and apparently this is a common thing that happens!

Friday, June 14, 2013

All about food

So I started this sugar detox on May 14th and today is June 14th! Consider me a month down and 20 pounds lighter than when I started. This blog is going to be about food all about food haha! What I eat and the things I like the most! The thing I have figured out is HEB is the best store to go to! There brand is good and it is cheaper. So here are a few things I like to eat and to keep in the fridge.

#1 of course have an endless supply of atkins shakes. The milk chocolate seem to be my favorite. The variety is good though! You can buy these at wal mart, HEB or any grocery store.

The HEB fully cooked hamburger patty's are really good! pop it in the microwave add some pickles, lettuce, mustard, ketchup whatever you want I even add jalapeños.

Tonight I had smoked sausage and sauerkraut. Really easy cut up the sausage I cut circles the cut them in half put in a pan on the stove top add the sauerkraut and some pepper mix it up and that is it! Now I buy the sauerkraut in a jar because the can has sugar and carbs.
sausage  & Kraut 

The green chicken chili casserole. 3 cans of chicken, 4 cans of green chills, and some grated cheese. Drain chicken pour in pan on stove top add chills and cheese stir up and wah lah its good to eat. I add my cheese after its done cooking and pop it in the microwave to melt .

Green chicken chili casserole

of course I cant post everything but these are a few of my favorites!

I get the bagged chicken breast I get one and pop it in the oven and bake it at 350 for about 30 to 45 minutes take it out sprinkle some grated cheese pop it in the microwave to melt the cheese and then add some hot sauce on top.

Chicken from above
Asparagus are yummy I buy them in the produces section in a bundle throw them in a pan add a little butter and some garlic salt  and cover them and just cook until they are soft.

Sometimes I like to have breakfast so Egg beaters are very yummy. They come in plain and southwest the southwest are really yummy. So I either just scramble them or make an omelet with either a side of bacon or sausage.
egg beaters & bacon with hot sauce

what else ok if you like them pork rinds are a good snack. I like to get the plain ones and dip them in hot sauce. Now make sure that you don't eat to many. Even though they are carb & sugar free.

I keep my fridge stocked with dill pickles, sweet gherkins, bread and butter, pickled okra, string cheese, celery, cucumbers. These are for snacking or whatever.

Black forrest ham is good just roll it with a piece of cheese.
French onion dip is good to dip your celery in. I also have lots of condiments Keiths greek dressing is yummo, heinz low sugar ketchup, mustard is awesome and always have hot sauce.

Just remember to read the labels on everything you pick up. I try to stay under 2 grams of carbs and sugars! There is so much more I could go on forever. Seriously if you have any questions or want to know more just e mail me! I also have a million flavors of crystal light..... This is so much easier than I thought and the more labels I read the more concoctions I come up with lol. Don't forget when you are at a restaurant you can always use google to see how much sugar is in something!
read the label!!!