Friday, July 5, 2013

Dilemmas but it worked out

Ok so here are some things about the trip that involve detoxing or dieting! First dilemma....... No fridge in the hotel room. Oh wait I guess I should start with I packed my shakes in my baggage that was checked in. I was ok all the way to Vegas I actually ate bacon and eggs for breakfast and had water and peanuts on the plane. So I was good till I got there. Now once I got to Vegas the problem was that I had no cold shakes. No fridge to put them in...... soooo I had brought plastic zip lock baggies and I put the shakes in them and put them in ice. The baggies made it so the cardboard that is the container for the shake wouldn't get soggy. SO we ate bubba gump and I had a salad with some grilled shrimp. I never had a shake because we stayed out and were on the go that first day. So the next morning I got up and had a shake but unfortunately they weren't very cold. Needless to say I never drank a shake while I was on vacation after that.  I did however stay on my diet. I ordered naked wings, a sub with a side salad and just took off the bread, I had a taco salad, and a few Mcdonalds hamburgers minus the ketchup, bread and onions. I did make one mistake while I was there. We went to the ice bar minus 5 and you got tokens for a shot in an ice glass. Well all my friends were taking one so I decided I would too! well about 5 minutes after I took it guess who was in the bathroom throwing up yup this girl. It was some kind of sugary shot..... I am guessing my tummy couldn't handle the sugar So that was how I cheated Other than that I did really good. I know I got lots of exercise when I remembered to wear my fit bit... One day was like 10 miles and another was 12 so lots and lots of walking. I survived vegas and when I got home I had lost about 7 pounds while I was gone. Usually you gain weight on vacation lol so I would say vegas was a success........

Now on my flight home it was a full flight and like I said before I board last. One dang seat left on the entire plane. Guess what it was thats right a dang middle seat wedged in between to bigger sized gentlemen. Ok just breathe....... I fit!!! Annnndddd I buckled my belt without having to have anyone get up or move over or anything I reached right down and buckled YAY me!!!

here is an update pic I now buy XL shirts!!! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Hi everyone I will be blogging about my trip and diet tomorrow. For today I will just say Hope everyone has a Great 4th! I am going to take my kiddos to eat and then my son & his girlfriend will be heading home. I will post some pics later!!!  


My son, girlfriend Dylan, and the baby lol

my kiddos 

me and my son

Us 3 well 4 

celebration on the river

The most awesome fireworks show I have seen in a while! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On my way home

cool ice bar in Vegas 
Well its time to go home! So on a plane I go
Kinda sad because I have to fly by myself and
Everyone else gets to go together Boo. More later

Ok well I mad it home and I am glad to see my son and daughter and now I will spend a little time with them before my son & his girlfriend have to leave tomorrow! So this is a short blog I will post some pics to entertain ya. Enjoy!!!

Made of flowers!!

The inside of the hotel

shark tank in middle of pool witha slide heck no!!

Fremont streetBon Jovi light show

Taxi Ride 

My fave a snail made of flowers! how cool!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fun in Vegas

Ahhhh Vegas it is so very relaxing here. It really does take away all your worries and problems! I bet you guys are wondering how I have done on my diet?? When I get home I will tell ya all about it. For right now I will just share pics with you guys and have fun lol. No worries I haven't cheated but it has been pretty challenging.

Here we are all exploring.

We have seen so much! The lights at night are beautiful. We spent time at the pool and it was great fun times. Of course we have done more walking in the 120 degree weather. The water show at Bellagio was so cool! 

Bellagio water show

I got carded while sitting at a slot machine! Maybe because I ordered diet coke and water because I know I don't look that young! hah
Big slot machine haha

I loved M&M world and all the little shops that you can shop in! 

Had so much fun with friends! acted silly while wearing boas on the strip!!! 

 We are To cool for Vegas haha!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

AHHHH Sugar Everywhere......

Ok so I am writing and blogging but the dates are all crazy but that is ok! I am having a blast in Vegas!!! Let me just say this if you are addicted to sugar  and trying to detox DO NOT COME TO VEGAS. Luckily my problem is food and not so much sugar but it was very tempting! Here are some pics of all the sugary goodness in Vegas........

Statue of liberty made out of jelly bellys

This store was literally pure sugar! 

And another candy store an adult candy store for sure 

A nice chocolate heel for ya 

Cupcakes that smelled like heaven

This was the safest pie ever it is actually soap and they had cupcakes too I mean soap cakes haha 

This was a pure chocolate lady thats right she is made from chocolate 

Chocolate fountain anyone?

Queen of hearts cake! thats right she is a cake 

Pastrys everywhere 
So I guess these pics prove Do NOT GO TO VEGAS IF YOU ARE SUGAR DETOXING BECAUSE OF SWEETS lol!! I hope these pics don't throw any of you fellow detoxees into binge eating I apologize ahead of time like I say Sugar Iz Crack!!!