Monday, September 30, 2013

140 days and counting

SO today is my 140th day!! It has definitely been a challenge. So many things can throw ya off just one day. What you have to learn is its just one day you always have a fresh start the next day! So wake up and start fresh!!! One day at a time thats how you have to take things! Stay strong and have self control! These things help in the journey. By no means am I an expert or even done on my journey but there are things that help to stay strong. Remembering that you didn't put on weight overnight so it wont come off overnight, or that everyone is different , body's are different, metabolisms, shapes everything and not everyone will lose at the same rate or even in the same places! It helps to join the groups and communities online to see what others do and how they overcome problems with the weight loss! There are so many support groups out there and so many great suggestions. Use the resources its wonderful! The support from people even if they are complete strangers will help motivate seeing their success and their stories is a great motivator for me! I have even seen online challenges that people can join! Looks like fun and you win money! So get on the band wagon and do it! The best quote I have seen and I wake up and read it every morning is ......


So find your motivation and move on it! I promise you will feel so much better!!! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

And again.......

Hey you guys hope everyone is doing well! I have been crazy busy and having a hard time keeping up with everything! I have a serious of unfortunate events lol. Things are starting to look better slowly! I had so many things happen all in one week I am surprised I am still among the sane! So I told you guys about my car being broke well Finally the mechanics figured it out and it is fixed!

While my vehicle was broke my Son's baby was born so I didn't get to travel home for that. Made me very very sad but I am trying to deal with that. So my vehicle got fixed and I planned a trip home that weekend (she was born on Sept 10th) well Sandra flew here to watch the animals while I went to see the baby and guess what???!!! I woke up sick had a sore throat and a sinus infection. I didn't get to go I spent 3 days in bed out of it! SO sad again. So hopefully I am going to get to leave this Friday the 4th and finally get to go see my son and his little family! Oh and on top of the broke vehicle, not getting to see the baby and everything else my daughter broke her wrist and is in a cast!

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So I bet your wondering how my weight loss is going? So far so good my scale isn't moving as much and as quickly as I would like but thats ok I still tell in my clothes!
My total poundage lost is 66 pounds and I am almost to 5 months on the low sugar low carb! So that is pretty good I guess it would be to easy if the weight kept falling off like it was heck I know it takes time and I have to serve my time too lol.

This was taken on 9-23-2013

Talk to you guys soon!!!!! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Keep on going!!!!

I am hoping everyone is back in the groove of things with school and everything starting back! I know my first week with my daughter back was great! Got up had my shake in my coffee, went dropped her off at school and straight to the park for a 3 mile walk. Worked out very well UNTIL my vehicle broke! 

Now having a broken car throws your entire routine
into CRAZY time! Thank goodness my aunt lives here
she is about the only person I know here!
The downfall is we are having to stay at my aunts house
so I can use her car. This is now my routine.......
I get up at about 5:30 get ready leave about 6:45 to take her to work, come back to her house and take my daughter to school, come to my house let the dogs out for a few hours, go get my daughter, go back to my aunts for 45 mins, go pick my aunt up from work drop her at home come back to my house feed my dogs and get our stuff to stay the night at my aunts get there shower and go to bed.

Now I know I can fit a walk and some exercise in there somewhere but the thing is I just don't feel like it. I feel exhausted just worn out! On Friday my aunt dropped us off here at the house and we just stayed here all weekend with no car, this was my choice not hers but it was hard. Let me tell you what I did. This past Saturday was my 117th day on my diet and what happened? I cheated!!!! ugh we walked down to the convenient store on the corner now this is not like a 7-11 or valero its just a small little country store. They don't have much in there so I resorted to a hot pocket! why did I do this? I keep telling myself its ok it was just one time but I still fell really guilty about it! My life is just chaos right now! Here was my day on Thursday.....

 Woke up got ready went outside car wouldn't start!
The people remodeling where I live found a problem with the electricity so it had to be off all day and all night!
No car and No electric Blah!
Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I have been trying really hard to have positive thinking and be positive! Some things make it really hard to stay Positive but I am trying really hard so here is what I say .......


Just keep on moving forward! You have to otherwise everything you have already accomplished will be lost . I know I have worked hard and I will be back on track as fast as I can!