Monday, December 30, 2013


Hey everyone hope you all had a great holiday! I haven't blogged but I have good resins! My life has been a little crazy lately. My Christmas was ok I guess. Actually I ha a really had time here is what has been happening. I took Sandra to the airport in San Antonio on Dec 17th. On my way home my vehicle made a loud noise and started smoking. Well guess what?! My oil pump stopped working! caused it to throw a rod which went straight thru my engine! Now here is the problem ….. none of my gauges on the dash work so to get a new engine put in I have to have a lot of electrical work done. No point in fixing it! to much money………

Sooooo I sent my daughter back to Odessa to spend Christmas with the family which left me here all alone. I worked Christmas eve and Christmas day from 3-11, made it a little more bearable. I had never spent Christmas alone. My son asked his girlfriend to marry him! of course I missed it. So needless to say I was really sad during holidays an guess what happened?? I ate pizza not just pizza but 3 cheese stuffed crust pizza and cupcakes the little chocolate ones with cream in the middle. You know it didn't really make me feel better it actually made me sick. stomach ache , pains, sleepy and just all around blah! I guess sometimes you just have one of those days its ok one day doesn't mess up everything.

So here is what is happening in my dilemma I bought a car. Not new nothing fancy but it will get me where I need to be! I know this is a short blog but I have been wanting to get back to blogging and just wanted to update you guys. I hope everyone is doing great and has had happy holidays! 

look at me all brave in stripes for christmas time! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hey guys sorry it's been so long. I have had a lot going on I even started working and it is full time! I am going to be back on here because I need some refocus and a little push here and there and your comments always helped me a long. I may not post everyday but at least a few times a week.

I will catch you all up later. I am still doing good. Here and there have strayed a little off track and I am having a hard time fitting in all the exercising I was doing. But I am still going. talk to y'all soon and we will catch all up!

I will leave you with some recent pics one from Halloween and one from last week!
Ignore the shirt long story lol

halloween 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

YOUCH so sore

Let me just say I could barely roll out of bed this morning! Youch 30 day shred kicked my booty! My thighs hurt so bad I can barely get up and down off the toilet! lol That is ok though its a great pain!

Anyways so I went ahead and decided I will do 30 day shred every other day lol I did however go walk it was a slow painful walk but I got in 2 miles!

Next subject haha ...... I know that I vowed to stay off the scale until October 15th but it is like when it starts moving again I just can't do it lol. I weighed this morning and I am going to try hard to stay off of it but I have now hit my 70 pounds gone! I am so excited and it became a reality that in 30 more pounds and I will have lost 100!!!!! Hard work and strict diet work for sure! Anyone can do this if I can! Of course its not easy but it is so worth it! I can't wait to see where I am at on my yearversiary! Guys jump on this band wagon time will pass anyways might as well do something productive during the time.... Lifestyle changes work!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Month .... Set Goals

Today is the first day of October!!! I can't believe time is flying by so fast..... So I decided that today I will set some new goals!

This morning I got up had a cup of coffee with my adkins vanilla shake and then I got dressed and after I dropped off my daughter I went and walked at the park. Now I usually walk everyday I have been a little off track lately because of all the crap happening you know my vehicle was broke, I was sick, My mom came to visit and so on so I got a little off. Goal 1 Oct...... Walk every morning after dropping Kadey off at school. I also decided to stop going by my miles and go by time. I want to make sure I walk 30 min everyday maybe a little over but nothing under. 

A new start this month! I bought a video an actual workout video. I started this morning so after I walked my 30 min I came home finished my water bottle and started the video.  Goal 2 Oct..... Do 30 day shred every morning after 30 min walk. You guys if you have never heard of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred read up on it, it kicked my booty. I am already sore and its the middle of the day lol. I loved it and there are 3 different 20 min workouts on the video. Here is a pic of it you can pick it up at wal mart for 9 dollars. All you need is you, small hand weights and I use a yoga mat because of my hard floors. 

 Last but not least Goal 3 Oct...... Started a daily journal. I am hoping this will keep me on track. I bought a cheap binder and dated each day at the top of each page. I weighed in today as it is the 1st day of the month! I set a goal to weigh on the 31st and I wrote to weigh in on the 15th. Every Tuesday I wrote down a little inspiring quote for the week. I keep what exercise I did that day, what I ate and how much water plus I set a mini goal like do 20 extra crunches, or drink 6 bottles of water just something to keep me going and have some little challenges. I will let ya guys know how it goes and if you decide to make you one and need suggestions or help let me know and I will try to help lol. oh and the good thing about this is I am hoping it will keep me off the scale a little I mean that will only have me weighing in 3 times the 1st, 15th, and 30th!  Here is a little pic of mine of course it isn't finished because the day isn't over yet! 

I hope everyone will set some goals this month to help you stay on track or get started or whatever you may be doing! I am posting this early incase any one decides its a great idea and you still have time in the first day of the month! Talk to you guys soon!!! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

140 days and counting

SO today is my 140th day!! It has definitely been a challenge. So many things can throw ya off just one day. What you have to learn is its just one day you always have a fresh start the next day! So wake up and start fresh!!! One day at a time thats how you have to take things! Stay strong and have self control! These things help in the journey. By no means am I an expert or even done on my journey but there are things that help to stay strong. Remembering that you didn't put on weight overnight so it wont come off overnight, or that everyone is different , body's are different, metabolisms, shapes everything and not everyone will lose at the same rate or even in the same places! It helps to join the groups and communities online to see what others do and how they overcome problems with the weight loss! There are so many support groups out there and so many great suggestions. Use the resources its wonderful! The support from people even if they are complete strangers will help motivate seeing their success and their stories is a great motivator for me! I have even seen online challenges that people can join! Looks like fun and you win money! So get on the band wagon and do it! The best quote I have seen and I wake up and read it every morning is ......


So find your motivation and move on it! I promise you will feel so much better!!! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

And again.......

Hey you guys hope everyone is doing well! I have been crazy busy and having a hard time keeping up with everything! I have a serious of unfortunate events lol. Things are starting to look better slowly! I had so many things happen all in one week I am surprised I am still among the sane! So I told you guys about my car being broke well Finally the mechanics figured it out and it is fixed!

While my vehicle was broke my Son's baby was born so I didn't get to travel home for that. Made me very very sad but I am trying to deal with that. So my vehicle got fixed and I planned a trip home that weekend (she was born on Sept 10th) well Sandra flew here to watch the animals while I went to see the baby and guess what???!!! I woke up sick had a sore throat and a sinus infection. I didn't get to go I spent 3 days in bed out of it! SO sad again. So hopefully I am going to get to leave this Friday the 4th and finally get to go see my son and his little family! Oh and on top of the broke vehicle, not getting to see the baby and everything else my daughter broke her wrist and is in a cast!

Add caption

So I bet your wondering how my weight loss is going? So far so good my scale isn't moving as much and as quickly as I would like but thats ok I still tell in my clothes!
My total poundage lost is 66 pounds and I am almost to 5 months on the low sugar low carb! So that is pretty good I guess it would be to easy if the weight kept falling off like it was heck I know it takes time and I have to serve my time too lol.

This was taken on 9-23-2013

Talk to you guys soon!!!!! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Keep on going!!!!

I am hoping everyone is back in the groove of things with school and everything starting back! I know my first week with my daughter back was great! Got up had my shake in my coffee, went dropped her off at school and straight to the park for a 3 mile walk. Worked out very well UNTIL my vehicle broke! 

Now having a broken car throws your entire routine
into CRAZY time! Thank goodness my aunt lives here
she is about the only person I know here!
The downfall is we are having to stay at my aunts house
so I can use her car. This is now my routine.......
I get up at about 5:30 get ready leave about 6:45 to take her to work, come back to her house and take my daughter to school, come to my house let the dogs out for a few hours, go get my daughter, go back to my aunts for 45 mins, go pick my aunt up from work drop her at home come back to my house feed my dogs and get our stuff to stay the night at my aunts get there shower and go to bed.

Now I know I can fit a walk and some exercise in there somewhere but the thing is I just don't feel like it. I feel exhausted just worn out! On Friday my aunt dropped us off here at the house and we just stayed here all weekend with no car, this was my choice not hers but it was hard. Let me tell you what I did. This past Saturday was my 117th day on my diet and what happened? I cheated!!!! ugh we walked down to the convenient store on the corner now this is not like a 7-11 or valero its just a small little country store. They don't have much in there so I resorted to a hot pocket! why did I do this? I keep telling myself its ok it was just one time but I still fell really guilty about it! My life is just chaos right now! Here was my day on Thursday.....

 Woke up got ready went outside car wouldn't start!
The people remodeling where I live found a problem with the electricity so it had to be off all day and all night!
No car and No electric Blah!
Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I have been trying really hard to have positive thinking and be positive! Some things make it really hard to stay Positive but I am trying really hard so here is what I say .......


Just keep on moving forward! You have to otherwise everything you have already accomplished will be lost . I know I have worked hard and I will be back on track as fast as I can! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Busy Days

I am sure everyone is staying pretty busy these days gearing up for school to start! Ugh I am really not ready. What will I do while my daughter is at school?? I have started applying for jobs but haven't even had one call back yet! So you guys say a prayer for me and maybe I will find the right job. So I was thinking today that I am still so heavy and why am I not thinner yet lol then I had to remind myself HELLO its only been 3 months which really isn't that long. Although I will say I have come a long way in this short time. This picture is one of my favorites I have seen so far

We all need to remember most of us didn't just wake up one day and be overweight it took time to put it on and it will take time to take it off! Although it was definitely easier putting it on then getting it off haha!

Something else I was thinking about while I was trying to jog and I am sure it is a sight to see I thought I wonder what people think. Do they think why is that fat girl even trying? Maybe they think why did she let herself get like that? I thought of this because as I was walking at the walking park an older lady walking her dog stopped me and said "Hunny I see you here every evening and I just want to tell you I am proud of you" This made me feel so good someone actually noticed that I came every day and try to push myself. Guys if you see someone struggling or everyday out trying to lose weight or get healthy say something because it might just be what makes them keep on going! Everybody has their own story and you never know what it might be so never judge!!

Monday, August 12, 2013


I am a music person for sure. I love all music I can be in the worst mood ever hear a certain song and it just brightens my mood. I am also a big worrier well I used to be I try not to do to much worrying anymore because it doesn't help thins much. While driving down the street you see people running I mean there will just be that person that has their headphones on just running along. I think man I wish I could run or even jog it looks so peaceful. I have always thought that. I was so heavy and I thought there is no way I will never be a runner. I mean seriously It killed me to just walk around the mall sometimes how the heck will I ever run??? I continue to see these people just running and now I think I can run I will be able to put my headphones in and run. SO I started trying I mean I jog. BTW my sports bras are wonderful for this! lol I start out walking and then I will break into a small jog but I can only jog about 2 minutes at a time. I walk, jog, walk, jog and just continue this. So my question is does anyone have suggestions on how to become a jogger. I don't really know what I am doing haha. I can't wait to be one and just jog the entire time!!!

Here I am on a walk!!! smiling

OMG I can actually see my feet instead of belly haha

My walking buddies catching up!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Today is a New Day!!

Here is something I want to say....... I see and hear so many people say well I did bad today I ate to much or I didn't work out or whatever then they quit. You know it was just one day get up and try again the next day! Every day is a new day with a new beginning each morning!It doesn't matter how many days you think you failed at whatever it may have been just start agin. Don't just quit and give up!

When I started this sugar detox I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to stick with it! I am amazed by myself and that it is so easy for me I mean don't get me wrong I have my struggles but I just keep on going. Everyday when I wake up I pray for the strength to be strong enough to keep it up. Every night when I go to bed I say my thanks for the strength and pray again for the next day. People you can do it don't be so hard on yourself because you may have slipped or something just start the next day fresh!

Ok sorry had to get that out lol. So about a week after I started I went to wal mart and I bought a pair of there shorts that look like the Nike shorts everyone wears. I wanted a pair so badly and really the smallest size they have is a 20 and ya know they still don't fit like a 20 they are kinda smaller. I get these shorts home and guess what they don't fit! I can't even pull them over my huge thighs ugh! So I kept them and I tried them on once a week! I wore those shorts to the store last week!!! YAY Finally I fit in them! My aunt called and wanted to go shopping and I was like ok. Well I hate to shop nothing ever fit and it just made me feel fatter than I already was. Anyways so we went in a store and she was like why don't you try on some of the nike shorts I said NO way the biggest they come in stores is an xl (online you can apparently find them in a 3x but no I don't wanna buy them that big haha). I actually got brave sucked it up and tried on a pair GUESS what I got them suckers on, now they were tight but I fit! haha

Shopping wasn't so bad when you can actually wear normal clothes, well I call it normal because you can actually walk in a store and they have your size on the rack! I got 3 Nike sports bras in an xl YES YES YES!!! I was so Happy! I know its not a medium or a large I mean its still an XL but this is so awesome to me because I didn't fit before! I have to admit I kinda like shopping now just a little lol

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Work Outs!!!

SO my 10 minutes of walking I started 88 days ago has stuck with me pretty good. I now go and walk early in the day and in the evening time. I try to do a mile and a half each time. So that brings me in at about 3 mile but here is my problem...... I walk a mile or so in about 12 minutes sometimes it takes me maybe 20 minutes if I try to do 2 miles. I am not even walking 30 minutes usually so do you think you should go by time or miles? Another thing is I don't think I am pushing myself hard enough. I am not tired or sore ever. Now don't get me wrong when I am walking I have labored breathing and sweat but as soon as I stop its normal like I never even walked lol. Kinda weird so I feel like I need to challenge myself and do something more or maybe walk a time frame instead of distance! Opinions please???

Second what do you guys think about this topic? Do you think every once in a while you should throw in something off the diet to shock your body or HECK NO keep  to it ? I ask because I feel I am kinda at a stand still and have been since about Vegas. I know people plateau but for how long? I know  everyone is different but I am trying to not get frustrated and just keep at it...

I would love to join a gym but there aren't many here where I live and the ones we do have are pricey  .We don't even have a YMCA! I have been doing some different things here at home. Why are all the exercise videos so expensive beach bodies, p90x, and insanity..... Anyone out there know a good workout DVD that isn't a 100 dollars? I did get wii fit its kinda boring though lol. Although it is improving my jogging lol. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Catch Up!

Hey everyone sorry I been bad about blogging but time just seems to get away from me. I haven't quit or fallen off the diet wagon just been busy with my kiddo for the summer time. So I am not even going to try to catch up I am just going to start fresh and try to keep up. So I hope everyone is doing good. You guys make sure to leave me a comment and let me know how you are all doing!!!

Just incase you were all wondering I am now on day 88!! Yes still going strong 88 days of no bread, sodas, well you guys know the low sugar low carbs. I am surprised I have stuck with it but it is quiet easy now not really struggles its just everyday stuff now!

Let me catch you guys up a little. I have lost I think about 58 pounds so far. I say I think because I had to step away from the scale. My scale was going crazy never weighed me even close each time. So I just kinda go by my clothing and every once in a blue moon step on my aunts scale. So I know I haven't gained here lately I am just maintaining guess its one of those plateau things haha!!

So I have gone from a 2xl shirt to XL I can fit in a large but not as comfortable as the XL and in pants of course it depends on where they come from but in cato capris size 22 or 24 to an 18 or 20. The comfy pants from wal mart I fit in an XL wow it is so nice to walk in and be able to just buy whatever lol.  Talk to you guys soon! I can't remember if I have posted this pic or not so I will it was a couple of weeks ago.

This pic was taken today!
size 18 pants and XL shirt!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Dilemmas but it worked out

Ok so here are some things about the trip that involve detoxing or dieting! First dilemma....... No fridge in the hotel room. Oh wait I guess I should start with I packed my shakes in my baggage that was checked in. I was ok all the way to Vegas I actually ate bacon and eggs for breakfast and had water and peanuts on the plane. So I was good till I got there. Now once I got to Vegas the problem was that I had no cold shakes. No fridge to put them in...... soooo I had brought plastic zip lock baggies and I put the shakes in them and put them in ice. The baggies made it so the cardboard that is the container for the shake wouldn't get soggy. SO we ate bubba gump and I had a salad with some grilled shrimp. I never had a shake because we stayed out and were on the go that first day. So the next morning I got up and had a shake but unfortunately they weren't very cold. Needless to say I never drank a shake while I was on vacation after that.  I did however stay on my diet. I ordered naked wings, a sub with a side salad and just took off the bread, I had a taco salad, and a few Mcdonalds hamburgers minus the ketchup, bread and onions. I did make one mistake while I was there. We went to the ice bar minus 5 and you got tokens for a shot in an ice glass. Well all my friends were taking one so I decided I would too! well about 5 minutes after I took it guess who was in the bathroom throwing up yup this girl. It was some kind of sugary shot..... I am guessing my tummy couldn't handle the sugar So that was how I cheated Other than that I did really good. I know I got lots of exercise when I remembered to wear my fit bit... One day was like 10 miles and another was 12 so lots and lots of walking. I survived vegas and when I got home I had lost about 7 pounds while I was gone. Usually you gain weight on vacation lol so I would say vegas was a success........

Now on my flight home it was a full flight and like I said before I board last. One dang seat left on the entire plane. Guess what it was thats right a dang middle seat wedged in between to bigger sized gentlemen. Ok just breathe....... I fit!!! Annnndddd I buckled my belt without having to have anyone get up or move over or anything I reached right down and buckled YAY me!!!

here is an update pic I now buy XL shirts!!! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Hi everyone I will be blogging about my trip and diet tomorrow. For today I will just say Hope everyone has a Great 4th! I am going to take my kiddos to eat and then my son & his girlfriend will be heading home. I will post some pics later!!!  


My son, girlfriend Dylan, and the baby lol

my kiddos 

me and my son

Us 3 well 4 

celebration on the river

The most awesome fireworks show I have seen in a while! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On my way home

cool ice bar in Vegas 
Well its time to go home! So on a plane I go
Kinda sad because I have to fly by myself and
Everyone else gets to go together Boo. More later

Ok well I mad it home and I am glad to see my son and daughter and now I will spend a little time with them before my son & his girlfriend have to leave tomorrow! So this is a short blog I will post some pics to entertain ya. Enjoy!!!

Made of flowers!!

The inside of the hotel

shark tank in middle of pool witha slide heck no!!

Fremont streetBon Jovi light show

Taxi Ride 

My fave a snail made of flowers! how cool!!