Friday, May 31, 2013

Schools Out for Summer

Hey you guys!!! Well I don't have much to blog about today, things are just pretty normal around here. I woke up feeling kind of blah and my face is breaking out so I am assuming it might be that time. Now I am not sure if it is appropriate to blog about but I am going to anyways..... LOL So I have had a problem for years with hormones and my time. Of course I have been heavy for years!!! So 3 days after I started the detox my friend came to visit now the last time that happened was in Dec so I am waiting to see of after 16 pounds lost if it will happen this month I do have every symptom. Anyways enough about that.

Lets see what did I do today. School is out here and Kadeys friend Annabelle is here so I took them to the river to play in the water. Thought maybe I would catch some rays.... like I said tan fat better than white fat haha. We had alot of fun and guess what I packed my shakes right in the cooler and took them to the river with me haha! So easy to stay on this diet!!! It was really nice just hanging out by the water watching the girls swim and hanging out! Maybe we will go back tomorrow!

My River view!

So today I stayed with my shakes had a couple of pickles for snacks and for dinner I ate a piece of chicken breast with cheese and hot          sauce and a side salad! This meal is very easy for me and I still had hot sauce and a bag of frozen chicken lol..... like I said not much to blog about just the same stuff today but add the blah!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Comparison picture

Today was my day 17 on this sugar detox and I decided to compare. I got up and put on the exact same shirt jeans and even shoes that I wore when Holly came down to start sugar detox. Amazing to me how differently they feel. I am still going strong I haven't even splurged! I am a little nervous about my trip to my home town for graduation though. How many of you know how it is to go back somewhere that you lived or where your from and you have those favorite places to eat that you have missed? I have already started plotting if I eat at any of these places what I could eat there. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but either way I will stay on my detox!  Anyways let me share my comparison pic with you guys .....

Ok now I know that everyone can see a difference here. Even my pants look better lol. I want to tell you that I am loving it I have the taste now and I am addicted to losing weight like I was addicted to sugar! My birthday is Tuesday and I am a little sad that I will not be having cake or ice cream! I will just wait a few years and maybe have some then when I am skinny haha! This is working for me!! I am so excited to see how much more I can kick off !! Sorry this is kind of a short post but I wanted to make sure and share my picture with you guys!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

15 down 10 to go almost met first goal

So I have lost a total of 15 pounds. I am noticing that my shirts lie a little better across my hips and my pants aren't so tight I can't breathe. Hallelujah.....

Love Marilyn!!

Today was a pretty laid back day I weighed and Ii have 10 more pounds to go until I meet my first goal! I would love to let you guys in on my weight but I want to lose a little more before I post that secret! I know that is crazy I mean most of us are here to weigh less but I am very uncomfortable about the number on the scale! Yikes it is scary! I have held around the same numbers for years but its a dang high number!   So I really wish I could lose my 10 pounds before or by June 8th! thats graduation day for my son! So there is really no way for me to take in less calories or less sugar so I decided to step up the exercise! Today I walked the hill at my house, then walked a little more, then played some wii games with the girls! Now I told you guys about just dance well I also have zumba on the wii and it is definitely a challenge!!!! Awesome game...

So recap of today I did shakes every 3 hours all day, for my diner I had rotisserie chicken and deviled eggs. Lots of water and lots of exercise. I wore my fitbit while I walked and while I played wii and I clocked 3 miles walked. That is 2 days in a row now! Go me.....

almost there

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fitbit and Aria

Ok Today was my 15th day!!!! I woke up shaking it and I am driving over to Holly's today and we are going to spend the day together!! yay!!

So today we got more shakes I was running low! I for sure don't want to run out of shakes! I am getting to where I am not having an appetite so it is getting harder for me to eat. I am still taking in the shakes every three hours but sometimes I only have half of one because I am just not hungry!!

We went to best buy and bought fitbits and the scale that goes with it. Coolest thing ever. They are pretty cool little things. Not to hard to set up either actually if you have a smart phone you can set it up straight through that. So what happens is you clip the fitbit to your bra strap or your pocket and it tracks your steps you take, logs calories burned, if you climb any hills or stairs, sleep and many other things. If you get the scale it tracks your weight, BMI and body fat and it connects through wifi so it uploads your results straight to the app!!! So very cool !!! Now the one down fault is that it logs miles when you drive. I plugged it in to the charger in the car and it didn't so that worked to fix it.

This is some of the things it measures
This is the fitbit I walked 3.19 miles today

Such a FUN day !! I packed my cooler and took my shakes with me! Drank lots of water and hung out! Oh and Holly gave me a book to read also haven't started it yet but I will soon.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank you soldiers !!!!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend! I was lazy around my house. Well I say that but we cleaned, did laundry and still did our walk!! Pretty laid back boring weekend. I did stick to my detox and still doing everything on track! I am glad I decided to go every three hours because every 2 was becoming to much for me! I am taking in way lesser calories these days also! If you are trying the detox and you are in the first couple of days if you can just stick with it it does get easier. I am so far in now I just cant even imaging messing up or should I say relapsing hah! I am going to tell you some of the advantages to the no sugar for me!

A great thing about the sugar detox for me is my complexion. Since I moved in February I have been having a hard time with my face being really broken out. I bought a million different face washes trying to clear it up. Without the crap in my body and maybe even since I have cut greasy food my skin is so clear looks so much better!!! I love this I had read before if you are having an acne problem that you shouldn't eat chocolate well I guess they were right!!!

Second is that I had really bad heels. They were cracked so bad they would bleed. They actually hurt really bad. I thought forever it was just because of my flip flops but maybe I just was dehydrated and didn't drink enough water because I always wanted a coke instead! Just a thought......

Another thing was that I would nap during the day. I was always so tired even after coffee or a coke in the morning! Around noon everyday I would take a nap until time to pick my daughter up from school! Ridiculous its ok every now and then but everyday??? I feel so much better and I feel like I have slept really good when I wake up! Love it!

These are just some of the pluses for me right now! My motto these days is feeling great lets have a shake haha!

By the way I hope many of you got to enjoy some bbq because I couldn't get my grill lit so instead of a grilled steak I just had some fajita meet with bell peppers and a small side salad!! Ok guys hope you all had a safe weekend and are gearing up for a short week!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lucky number 13!

Hey you guys, I hope you are all having a super weekend! Its a long one, most people are off tomorrow for Memorial Day! Lucky 13, I say this because this is my DAY 13!!!  Now some might not think 13 is a lucky number I love it! My kids have always worn #13 in there sports or at least whenever they could pick their own. Another good 13 my son will graduate this year 2013! Actually he will graduate in a few weeks! I am so exited and happy for him! I was a teenage mom I turn 17 in June and had him in August.I feel like we grew up together. I  am getting into an entirely different subject than my daily food haha but I want you to know a little about me. So I recently had some bad luck as usual in my old life lol I had to move quickly and where I lived is where the oil boom is now so everything is so expensive and I was already working 3 jobs! So I moved to where I live now but I had to make the decision to leave my son there to finish school. You know if I moved him he might not have received the credits he needed to graduate. Hardest thing I have ever had to do was leave him there I mean I know he is safe and all he is with my family they all live there but I miss him so much!!! I will talk more about this later lol Ok off of that subject and on with my 13th day!

Today on my 13th day I changed my routine a little. I am having a hard time with the shakes every 2 hours because I am now not really hungry that often. When I first started if I went over even 15 min my tummy started growling
Now I am still full in 2 hours so I moved up to every 3 hours! This worked out way better for me. I didn't even feel like I was hungry any time in between so this was good! So I also decided that Sundays will be my eat breakfast day. My daughter wanted to make me breakfast today she made egg beater scrambled eggs and a small sausage patty. yumm and it stayed with in my sugar detox diet. Then I had a shake 3 hours after that and then this evening I just ate a salad for diner. I had lettuce, jalapeños,cheese, and hot sauce for dressing . It was really good then of course I had a side of pickles! I have decided that it is easier for me if I set certain days for certain things like sunday morning breakfast and fridays are my caffeine free diet soda day. It works for me and gives me something to look forward too!

Another thing Holly from said that it is good to have a rest day. So I tried to declare Sunday to be my off day! This didn't work I felt so guilty that I didn't walk or anything so at 11 pm I made my daughter play just dance on the wii with me. By the time I was done my arms and calves were burning. So if you have a wii go get just dance its an awesome workout!!!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!!! Those that have to work tomorrow have a good day!!! Talk to ya soon. Thanks you guys for the support and encouragement!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Walk a mile in my shoes

I literally did!!! I walked a mile in my own shoes today. An entire mile .... Now I know some of you are like that isn't much but I haven't had much exercise in years. So a mile is kind of a big deal to me. Now Holly was telling me about the app, map my walk so I downloaded and used it. I am not sure on the accuracy of this app but it did keep the time and calories and everything......Here is a pic of what the app looks like.

Ok All you have to do is download the app on your smart phone and set up an account and then when you go walking just start it and carry your phone with you .......

Remember I told ya all about the cool walking park well that is where we walked today. Here is why I question the app on the distance. This park has 2 sides and a street runs in between ok so at the beginning of each side there is a sign posted that says .83mi. Now if you walk the entire thing which each side is .83 wouldn't that be like a mile and a half or 1.66? I am not sure about this so if anyone wants to share please do!
I walked the entire thing both sides and it logged me at 1.10 miles and I actually had to pass my starting point a little for it to log the mile.

Here is the pic of the .83Mi marker

I want to share some pics of the park. It is really an awesome place to go and walk or jog, or whatever may be your fancy! Today my daughter and boxer Rocky went with me!
Part of the walking trail!

different warm up stations everywhere 
My daughter and Rocky doing a warm up lol

Really Cool!
Food today shakes and for diner I cooked. So easy and quick too! Frozen chicken breast stuck 2 pieces one for me one for my daughter on a pan threw it in the oven and baked at 350 for 30 min, Asparagus with 2 spoons of butter in a pan covered on the stove top cooked for about 15 min. Took out the chicken sprinkled some grated cheese microwaved 30 sec and spread hot sauce on top Wah Lah diner is served!!!

You guys this is so easy!! Shakes are made and diner is simple! Getting through the first week was the hardest part and now it is just everyday living for me!!! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh rainy day

Alright I am not going to start with a number tonight. I will update you guys here and there to let ya know how long and all that good jazz. My day started with rolling thunder at about 6 am. The thunder was so loud that I almost had a heart attack. I love stormy weather but the thing about rainy days is that it makes me want to lay in bed watching tv and snacking. So I had to hit the floor running so that didn't happen!
I went and did a few errands and then just so I wasn't at home I sat at my daughters school for about an hour reading! The upside to this was I had a front seat to watch the rain come down and I was first in the pick up line....woohoo if you have kiddos you know all about the pick up line! It was very relaxing just to sit there. I also had something new today while I waited. We have taco casa here if you don't know its just a little mexican fast food place. Oh gosh don't worry I didn't eat anything!!!!! They have the best sweet tea in town (my weakness) NOPE I didn't get any but I did get a cup of there ice which is yummy soft little pieces and I poured in a Diet A&W root beer ... Very tasty. It just gave me something different I wont have one every day but here in there probably.

I had a yummy drink and still had no caffeine, no sugar, no carbs and no calories sounds like a winner to me!

So I had shakes all day of course then for diner we went to chilis. My friend Holly Gave me a  chilis gift card. On there menu they have a section called the lighter side. This is kinda humorous because most of the meals on there are served with rice...... Hmmm starchy! So I ordered the 6oz steak with a side of steamed broccoli. The menu says this meal is 120 calories total. So if you are a calorie counter the is an excellent meal!

On to my walk... The best walk yet! I waited until this evening and I did 20 min. So far I walked 15 min the first 7 days then went up to 20 after that. I have missed one day of walking since I started this 11 days ago! Tonight it was wonderful. The smell of rain in the air, the overcast made it nice and cool and of course everything looked so green! I had about 8 minutes left in my walk when it started to pour rain So I walked in the rain. I felt like I was 12 again playing out in the rain You know what else I felt really proud of myself for finishing in the rain! Dedication I will do what I need to! So here is a pic of me walking I debated putting it up because of course my daughter captured my best side hahaha the back side! ( I say this with the most sarcasm)

Well guys maybe I will do something fun over the weekend so you will have something interesting to read lol. For now this is all. I am going to lie down and listen to the rain now! talk to you soon!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feeling accomplished

I made it to day 10 with no slip ups. If I can do this then why is it so hard to quit smoking ? Hmmm there is something to think about! I know that it is hard to quit sugar, the eating habits are hard to break! Here is something new this morning.... I have been craving bacon and eggs, now usually I am not a breakfast person but for some reason this week I have wanted breakfast.  So I drove my daughter thru jack in the box and I ordered a supreme croissant. I took both top and bottom bread off and just ate what was in the middle. I put it in my fitness pal and it only equaled 162 calories and 1.2 sugars and 2.8 carbs. Then I had my shake 2 hours after that. It worked really well for me and I felt a little more satisfied.  I came to a realization this evening. I decided to take my daughter out to eat because it has been forever. I ordered what this restaurant calls pepper steak. Here is what it is a piece of hamburger meet stuffed with jalapeños and some grated cheese on top. I had this with a side salad and side of veggies.

Here is my meal that I ordered.

Ok here is what I realized I guess my stomach has really shrank because I didn't even eat half of this food. I picked out all the carrots and onions.... Natural sugars, and of course I ate my small side salad and that is it. I was sad though when I looked and realized I was stuffed I couldn't eat another bite. Sad you say why the heck would you be sad? Well I don't even know why! I enjoy eating and I enjoy food and now I can't even eat an entire hamburger patty. So I called Holly @300pondsdown.coom and I am telling her that I was sad I couldn't eat my food and she tells me its ok I know exactly what you are talking about. I am so Happy that I have someone who has done this and can tell me this. Even though there is really no reason to be sad its just what happens I guess.

This is what I had left..

So I come home with a killer tummy ache and headache . I am assuming I was full and ate to much so I lie down and of course I fall asleep. When I woke up I still didn't feel the best and my 2 hours were up so I went ahead and had a shake and YAY for the shake it made me feel better. Almost as if it was what my body wanted instead of the food. Kinda strange for me but it works. I am feeling better now and find more things I can eat by reading the labels on stuff. I have became a little obsessed with labels haha.

For my walk I went to the walking park. I didn't get a pic but I will be going back again it was really nice and it had warm up stations! So cool!!!
Well my Blog friends I will talk to ya soon....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day nine is mine!!!!

Well So far so good. I feel like tomorrow will be a major accomplishment for me. I am almost to 2 full weeks in. I just keep pushing myself everyday. The more results I see the more I want to push. I can actually tell that I am loosing some weight. To see some results this soon is amazing!!! I sent a message to Holly telling her I really want to do the color vibe but I didn't think I would be ready to run a marathon yet! She says to me you don't have to run we can walk! YES!!!! I really want to do it looks like so much fun....I am so excited the only problem is that is the day after my sons 18th birthday and I feel like I might need to go and see him on his bday! so we will see what happens with this!

Lets see what else can I tell you I don't have much going on today. I think I am still recovering from the truck episode and all the stress from the last couple of days.I did go on my walk I actually went in the evening. I went alone this time and just listened to my music. I am going to start doing my walk in the morning time I was thinking maybe I will get a little tan from it. Just think getting tan and exercise in. I  think tan fat looks better than white fat haha. I am going to leave ya with some scenery pictures and some stuff that I made.

sunset its a little blurry but very pretty

just the hill country

ok now I did shakes all day and had a salad tonight with lemon water that I made. The water I took 5 bottled waters and 3 large lemons and 3 very small limes put it in the fridge and let it set a few hours and wah la lemon lime water. This is really good to do with fruit or cucumbers......
Homemade salad yummy

Lemon lime water It was really good!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 8 Lets make it GREAT

Hey everyone! I feel like I am moving along GREAT! Everything is getting very routine for me! Shakin it all day then having some kind of yummy dinner. Positivity is a big part to succeed on a diet you have to stay positive about everything. I mentioned before I think this is the hardest part for me. I am so negative wait let me rephrase I used to be so negative, lol.

I want to tell you guys the man who told me he could fix my truck well he did call!!! I went over to his shop and he fixed it right there for free. Now it wasn't anything to major just changing the air filter and cleaning the throttle. I called a local shop just to see how much something like that would cost and it was about 75 dollars! I mean stuff like this never used to happen to me.Someone helping for free!!! This is one of those things think positive receive positively. This nice man whose name by the way was Ken also checked my oil, my check engine light was on so he checked the code, told me what it was and reset my check engine light then he tells me if it comes back on bring it back and we will get that fixed too. Nice nice man I thank him so much for helping me.....

Ok enough about that I am going to go on with my walk today I enjoyed my walk a lot. I had walking buddies today made my walk even funner! My daughter decided to get one of our dogs and take him on the walk. We are huge animal lovers we have 6 dogs! This particular dog was so small when we got him. Here is the story my Aunt found him at a house she was getting ready to rent and brought him to me to try to find him a home. Well we  all fell in love with him and guess what he found a home ours! haha he is really cute though his name is Bandito.......

Here is my daughter walking the dog with me on my walk.....

Tonight for dinner I had a sausage on a stick and a side salad. It was really good and I got full. I also had my snack tonight I am going to post my snack picture instead of my diner picture....

This is pickled okra, jalapeño cheese and a pickle!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Nobody's watching!

I have now made it an entire 7 days! A week! I have lost 7 pounds so far! I feel great! I take high blood pressure pills and have been checking and even my blood pressure is down. I woke up shaken it as usual! Life hit me today! I guess life decided to throw in some problems today to see how strong I was. so here is my day........

First of all my title of the post "nobody's watching" is because I was completely alone today and I knew I was going to be and you know it makes it real easy to eat something and nobody would know. I had to keep strong today so I am not sure if the problems thrown at me were to help me stay on track and keep my mind off food or if it was to see if when things got hard would I turn to food? Well whatever the reason I handled it and didn't slip up at all. Now I do feel like I made one mistake I planned my walk for the evening......

I stayed on my shakes but I didn't do to well with every 2 hours. I dropped my daughter off at school, came home took a shower and made a few phone calls. I went outside to run a few errands and 

my truck wouldn't start. Ugh now what do I do? I just moved here so I don't know a lot of people well thank goodness my aunt and cousin are here. I called my cousin and she picked up my daughter from school. My landlord came and tried to charge my battery well it was dead. Here is a weird fact that has never happened to me.... My key got stuck in the ignition and wouldn't come out it was because the battery was dead! ok so I got a new battery got it in the truck and I needed to go to wal mart for dog food!  Ugh my truck died at every single stop I had to make even after the new battery was in. While I was in Wal Mart the man from the auto parts store called me because I left my old battery and he was  going to check it to make sure it was a dead battery. I told him what was happening and he said well bring it up here and I will check it out! So I did and that awesome man checked my entire truck and told me what it needed and that he could fix it tomorrow at his house. Anyways while all this was happening I never even thought about food but I didn't have a shake either. Guess what else my mistake I didn't get my walk in either so that was my one mistake I made so never put your walks off until later because sometimes life happens!

I still feel very accomplished today I stayed on my plan even if I did miss a shake I didn't have anything else instead and I stayed positive and calm! Now it's just wait and see if the man calls me tomorrow to fix my truck! I didn't eat diner when I got home just a salad!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My first Outing

Hey guys I am going to blog today about my outing.  So I am still doing really good with walking and the shake! Just incase you were wondering I haven't cheated or splurged yet. I say yet because I am human and you never know when you might make a mistake.  Today I am going to go to a dance/ cheer show with my aunt. This will be my first actual outing without Holly. I timed my shakes so that I could have one right before we have to go in. I did my walk before I showered and got ready. This is all great.

I drink my shake at 4:30 we get there by 5 and it last until 7 so by the time we get to the car I am already 30 mins past shake time and let me tell ya, my tummy was letting me know. It was growling like it hadn't eaten in days lol. We had a few people with us and we were all deciding if we wanted to go eat or what. well I knew I had to do something or I was going to be starving soon which for us heavy people we tend to over eat when this happens. Thank goodness I packed a few snacks. Here is a pic of my cooler.....
 I snacked on a few pickled okra. I had some thin sliced HEB ham and some pickles in there too.

For Dinner we decided to go to mamacitas. I dont know how many of you have eaten a mamcitas but it is yummy mexican food. They have this green sauce that you dip chips in it is soooo good. Now normally when I go here to eat I have a sweet tea, enchilada plate, chips and sauce and tortillas. Today I had no chips no sauce, a fajita taco salad cut the tomatoes and it doesn't have beans but it did have queso  and that is ok, I didn't eat the shell just the inside, a water and No tortillas. Yes this is what you call will power and I survived. I was so proud of myself...... here is a pic of my salad it was really good.......

Recap I had an outing, I had no Holly here to help and I made it! I would say day 6 was a success!!!
And I forgot I wore my cute new flip flops cute flip flops make everything better...
 Here I am going on my outing to the dance recital!!!