Wednesday, October 2, 2013

YOUCH so sore

Let me just say I could barely roll out of bed this morning! Youch 30 day shred kicked my booty! My thighs hurt so bad I can barely get up and down off the toilet! lol That is ok though its a great pain!

Anyways so I went ahead and decided I will do 30 day shred every other day lol I did however go walk it was a slow painful walk but I got in 2 miles!

Next subject haha ...... I know that I vowed to stay off the scale until October 15th but it is like when it starts moving again I just can't do it lol. I weighed this morning and I am going to try hard to stay off of it but I have now hit my 70 pounds gone! I am so excited and it became a reality that in 30 more pounds and I will have lost 100!!!!! Hard work and strict diet work for sure! Anyone can do this if I can! Of course its not easy but it is so worth it! I can't wait to see where I am at on my yearversiary! Guys jump on this band wagon time will pass anyways might as well do something productive during the time.... Lifestyle changes work!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Month .... Set Goals

Today is the first day of October!!! I can't believe time is flying by so fast..... So I decided that today I will set some new goals!

This morning I got up had a cup of coffee with my adkins vanilla shake and then I got dressed and after I dropped off my daughter I went and walked at the park. Now I usually walk everyday I have been a little off track lately because of all the crap happening you know my vehicle was broke, I was sick, My mom came to visit and so on so I got a little off. Goal 1 Oct...... Walk every morning after dropping Kadey off at school. I also decided to stop going by my miles and go by time. I want to make sure I walk 30 min everyday maybe a little over but nothing under. 

A new start this month! I bought a video an actual workout video. I started this morning so after I walked my 30 min I came home finished my water bottle and started the video.  Goal 2 Oct..... Do 30 day shred every morning after 30 min walk. You guys if you have never heard of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred read up on it, it kicked my booty. I am already sore and its the middle of the day lol. I loved it and there are 3 different 20 min workouts on the video. Here is a pic of it you can pick it up at wal mart for 9 dollars. All you need is you, small hand weights and I use a yoga mat because of my hard floors. 

 Last but not least Goal 3 Oct...... Started a daily journal. I am hoping this will keep me on track. I bought a cheap binder and dated each day at the top of each page. I weighed in today as it is the 1st day of the month! I set a goal to weigh on the 31st and I wrote to weigh in on the 15th. Every Tuesday I wrote down a little inspiring quote for the week. I keep what exercise I did that day, what I ate and how much water plus I set a mini goal like do 20 extra crunches, or drink 6 bottles of water just something to keep me going and have some little challenges. I will let ya guys know how it goes and if you decide to make you one and need suggestions or help let me know and I will try to help lol. oh and the good thing about this is I am hoping it will keep me off the scale a little I mean that will only have me weighing in 3 times the 1st, 15th, and 30th!  Here is a little pic of mine of course it isn't finished because the day isn't over yet! 

I hope everyone will set some goals this month to help you stay on track or get started or whatever you may be doing! I am posting this early incase any one decides its a great idea and you still have time in the first day of the month! Talk to you guys soon!!!