Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am still here

hey everyone I am still here and kicking. I got a little side tracked on the blogging. Sometimes its hard because I don't have much to say. Its pretty much just every day living anymore. 

So how is everyone out there!!??? I am still going I have lost about 115 pounds now its pretty slow moving these days but I am still just keeping on. 

I have some recepies i will share with you guys in some other post. I am going to try to get some post in and get back to it! 

Update i can't remeber when i blogged last and I didn't look so in February I moved to San Antonio. I joined planet fitness in or around March and I love it. I mastered the elliptical and kicked its butt haha. took me a few weeks but i went from 2 minutes to 45 now! I am still eating the low carb low sugar. So this is just kind of a catch up post. I hope you all are doing well ……...

here I am now<---------- decided to cut off the hair for the summer I will try to get a better pic a full body but for now this is me! lol 

This is a comparison Dec 2012 till now I didn't start this WOE until May of 2013 but still pretty crazy transformation I think! ok well I will talk to you soon let me know how you all are